Sunday, November 21, 2010

Up and Running

I think I am finally starting to settle into my schedule in NYC. The show has been up and running for awhile now and I am getting used to filling the daytime with what I need to get done and doing the show at night. I have been trying to get work during the day as I can get it so I continue to meet people in the NYC Theatre industry. I have gotten to work on a few gigs during the day and I am starting to see people in the Business that I recognize and that recognize me. The first gig I worked was the load-in of an event on Pier 36 for Heineken Beer company. It was a ton of moving lights and truss. Nothing that I haven't done before. The other day I worked as a Video-Tech for a business meeting. It was an easy gig, the down side was that I had to wear a button up shirt with a jacket. No big deal though, I focused some projectors and set up a laptop and some screen splashes with their logo. The hardest part was staying awake for the twelve hour meeting.

Next Week, I am doing part of the Load-in for the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. It should be pretty sweet. Look for photos next week. I am going to have my point and shoot in my pocket for throughout the night and I spoke with the guy I am working with and he told me to bring my other camera. When we are done, I am going to be able to get on top of Rockefeller and do some photos of NYC. Not the photos you see from Top of the Rock, Higher than that... Should be pretty awesome since I will hopefully be up there around sunrise

Scottsboro Update: We have protesters outside the theatre again. This time they have a have a new sign. I didn't read the whole thing but the short of it was asking if people would make a movie about the Holocaust. My answer is yes, they would and have. Schindler's List, The Pianist, Life is Beautiful, Diary of Anne Frank, just to name a few. These may been dark periods in civilization's history, but they are important none the less. There are many people that I have spoken with after seeing the show and they didn't even know this case happened. This case was part of the start of the equal rights movement in America. Yes, We do sing in this show, We Dance, We tell Jokes, We do fancy Lighting and try to keep your interest as we take an hour and forty five minutes to tell you this important story. Our jokes, songs, dancing and basic theatricality of it is not to diminish the wrongs that took place, but to put into a context that you can take home, to the street, to the corner bar, the local coffee house and talk to one another about it. We are here to start people thinking and discussing. If you go out and start talking about what you think happened on stage, then guess what? We succeeded. We have you analyzing something that you would not have thought about before. Maybe you will take your experiences from our show and start to apply the lessons in your own life, hopefully for the better. If so, We have succeeded again. The truth is, people are talking about this point in history again. People are reading other articles and viewpoints about our story when they get home. This keeps this history fresh. That way, if people know about what happened, hopefully it won't happen again. It may not happen to African-Americans or in America, but maybe someone will be able to see the parallels between this point in history and something that is happening in their life and stop something awful from happening to someone else.
To quote the Flobots, 'There is a war going on for your mind, If you are thinking you are winning'.

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