Monday, October 18, 2010

Start Acting like a Child

Today, while waiting for lunch, I saw two kids playing and having the times of their lives. The interesting part was that there was a major language barrier. The little girl spoke Chinese while the little boy only spoke Spanish. The awesome thing was is that they did not care that they could not understand each other. The girl would say something, the boy would just look at her and then continue to play. Then the boy would say something in Spanish and the girl would just look and continue to play. Guess what?!? This went on for ten minutes and everything went fine. They were laughing, singing and playing hide and go seek, etc. This just goes to show that just because you don't understand what someone is saying does not mean that you can enjoy their company and be their friend. I think this also goes with people's belief systems, their traditions, their language, their family, their history. Just because you don't have the same beliefs, traditions, etc, does not mean that you cannot get along with them. Just open up your mind, pretend your a kid, enjoy life and everything will work itself out.

So next time someone is prejudice against someone else, I am not going to tell them to grow up. I am going to tell them to start acting childish...

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