Monday, December 28, 2009

Long Time, No Update = Many Apologies...

First thing First, I am sorry Busia that I have not Updated. I will be better in the future...

I can't believe a whole month has passed since I wrote in this. Time has been going by really fast lately out here for some reason. Baltimore and Hartford were great towns. Fantastic theatres and Stagehands. The weather started to get cold for in Hartford. I saw my first snow of the season there. After Hartford, we went back into the dark world of a split week with two towns in one week. We ventured into Utica, New York and Binghamton, New York. Utica was a very boring town but we were only there a couple days. Binghamton was a very interesting theatre. The theatre was way to small for us to fit. We ended up cutting out part of the set and moving all of the dimming systems around to make it fit. It was a theatre that we should not have played with the show in the current configuration. We somehow got the giant show shoe horn out and squeezed the show into one of the smallest theatre I have ever been in.

The flip side to Binghamton was that the people were really nice. We were the first Broadway show our size they had ever had in their theatre and they threw a huge party for us after opening night. All of the people working the show were very nice people. The town was also very nice. They had a lot of decent restaurants as well as a CVS (which is a big deal on the road).

We also started a Secret Santa while in Binghampton that went for a couple weeks and ended at our company dinner on Christmas. I got some pretty awesome gifts and my secret santa ended up being one of my closest friends out here. So, it was a really fun game that I think everyone enjoyed.

After our split week, we spent two weeks in Boston. I loved Boston. It was a really interesting town with plenty of history and plenty of things to do. The family came in for the second week and it was great to see everyone. I hope they had fun while they were out here. I know that I really enjoyed seeing and spending the time with them that I did.

Now we are in Ottawa for a week. It should be a fun and interesting experience. We made it through customs very easily. The only part about today that was tough was our first flight getting canceled and getting re-routed and then missing our connecting flight due to the weather and delays. We ended up flying from Boston to Montreal and then taking a bus from Montreal to Ottawa. It ended up being a really long day, but when we got into Ottawa, I found a climbing gym and spent a couple hours there, so it was worth it. Well, time to call it a night before our load-in tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading