Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First NYC Thanksgiving

Not a Disaster = Success in my book

I had the Mom, Dad, Sister and Cousin to the apartment to witness my first attempt at cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. I think it went alright. I was a little unprepared. I didn't have a whole lot of dishes (I had enough for everyone, just not a lot of extra) but that is ok because I don't need a ton of dishes except for cooking big meals and I don't plan on doing that soon. I thought the meal came out pretty good for my first time. The family got in around 3am Thursday morning and slept for a little bit. Everyone got up and the girls went into the city while Dad and I held down the fort. Dad and I did some last minute shopping and started cooking. We were joined by my friend who was on tour and stranded on Long Island during the holiday. We ate early and I headed into Work.

Friday, we got up and wandered into the city. We took a stroll through Central park, ended up at Belvedere Castle, walked on over to Strawberry Fields, spent some time there and then jumped on the subway and headed into Rockefeller Center. We took a trip up to the Top of the Rock. It was My first time up there and it was pretty cool. I will be heading up there again sometime. After that, we meandered over to dinner and met Erin and her Fiancee and His parents for dinner. It was a good time. I took off early again to go to work. The rest of the entourage showed up and saw the show.

Mom and I on top of Rockefeller

Dad and I on Top of the Rock

Mom and Dad in Central Park

The sister and I

Saturday, Everyone went into the city to go shopping except for me. I went into work. I saw them when I got home. Everyone went to bed and left about 930 this morning. It was a blast having everyone here. I was really happy to see everyone and to spend time with them. I just wish I could have spent more time with them. Maybe one year I won't have to work on a Holiday.

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