Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The people in Philly are Loud

Ok, Sorry for the delay in the new post. Long story short, In the past week, my Macbook pro was dropped in Wisconsin while i was away from my desk. I decided to used the crippled computer as little as possible until I had it looked at, Had it looked at and then bought a new computer. So, with a new computer and a good internet connection, I can now get back to regular postings. I am hoping they will be every Monday since that is the day that I travel to the new town every week.

The last month went by in a blur. 4 weeks, 8 different theatres, 8 different cities, 8 different crews, a million different problems. The good news is that the long stretch of split weeks are over and we are in an awesome city with a great crew. Plus, instead of starting at 6am (like we do when we have never been to a theatre before and are not sure how the crew will be), we get to start at 8am. That was great on Monday except that we also had daylight savings time last weekend. So, when I woke up on Monday in Philadelphia, the sun was up (something I have not seen prior to a load-in in a month). This really messed with my brain and I was certain that I was late. I had no idea if my phone was in the right time zone or not. I had to check two different clocks in the room before I was convinced I still had 45 minutes until the work call. The load-in went great and I had my first real Philly Cheesesteak (chicken). It was pretty good. I do now believe that people from Philadelphia are inherently loud. The load-in on Tuesday was a day full of people yelling at each other, but not in anger. That was just how they were talking to each other. I noticed the same thing on the street today while walking around. This has been a really neat town to explore. I did laundry this morning, grabbed a salad and then just starting walking. I saw a ton of cool things (Independence hall and the Liberty Bell among them). I am looking forward to the rest of the week of not having to move the show twice in one week. Next week, we are in Cleveland. I am going to try and give a quick lecture in BGSU on Thursday. BG contacted me and let me know they were interested, now I just have solidify the details and figure out what the heck they want me to talk about.

Thanks for reading, sorry about the delay!

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  1. Hey Chris,

    People are very loud in Philly. I know a few people. If you're in Cleveland next week and need anything every, my parents live near there. Let me know!