Monday, November 9, 2009

Hope the River Does not catch on fire

Philly Moeller Style

My week in Philly was great. It was a great town. We had a good space, a good crew, the city was fun to be. It was a good change to what we have had lately. I got to do some sight seeing and try out the new camera. I had a chance to go see Independence Hall, Carpenter Hall and a bunch of other cool historical sites. It was a ton of fun. We got to go out and enjoy the city at night rather than going home because we had to load out the next day.
The travel to Cleveland was pretty easy. It was a 9:30am flight that went direct to Cleveland from Philly. It was painless. I got on the plane, fell asleep and woke up in Cleveland. I wonder how college kids that has happened to... The only hitch in the trip was that my luggage never made it to Cleveland. I am still waiting for it. Supposedly, my luggage has made it to Cleveland and is en route from the airport to my hotel. The agent said it could take up to four hours for it to arrive.
This week should be a good one, but a busy one. We load in Tomorrow, I have friends coming to visit on Wednesday, I am teaching a Lighting Design class in BG on Thursday, I might see some of Cleveland on Friday and then two shows Saturday and Sunday. It will be good to be busy. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should do while in Cleveland.

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  1. Be sure to check out the Rock Hall if you've never been there. I'm sure I can think of a bunch of other stuff if you've got down time. Just let me know!