Sunday, November 6, 2011

After 25 years, I finally got a Damm Brother...

Just got back to NYC after an amazing weekend in the Metro Detroit area. Quick recap chronologically:

  • Flew to Detroit (end Wednesday)
  • (Begin Thursday) Picked up Tuxedos while simultaneously giving my Mother a Heart attack
  • Went to a wedding rehearsal where no one involved remembered a single thing by the end of it
  • Had an awesome dinner
  • Went bowling where the catch phrase became 'Rippin It!' while one of the groomsmen cracked a brick wall with a bowling ball
  • Had an awesome time with groom and groomsmen
  • Had a pretty cool conversation with an old friend (something that doesn't happen often enough)
  • finally went to sleep (end Thursday)
  • (Begin Friday) Woke up, skipped breakfast (bad idea)
  • Went to an old employer to grab lighting equipment to make the reception awesome
  • Went to a driving range with Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers and other pretty cool guys
  • Brought back the phrase 'Rippin It!" while my dad played pranks on people
  • Set up lighting in a reception hall with a talented electrician (Bobby) and a FNG (My dad). It turned pretty good
  • Went to the hotel room where the rest of the groomsmen and the Father of the Groom were hanging out and we got confused on where we should be because the schedule given to us by the bride (my sister) didn't have anything scheduled for 2pm and we didn't want to get into trouble
  • Put on the only tux where it has been ok for me to wear Chuck Taylors
  • Got some sweet photos taken
  • Bridal Party was grounded and wasn't allowed to leave the lobby while the B&G got pictures taken
  • Went to the church where both my Grandmother's were wearing the same dress and did not realize it while looking right at each other
  • Some vows were said, some names were changed...
  • Back to reception hall where we proceded to an awesome Bridal Party
  • Had a board meeting where the Bridal Party voted on the agenda for the evening. It included drinking and bringing Justice to the world
  • Ate some food, sang some songs, got my name changed to Julio and then Danced the Night away. The dance floor was never empty...
  • Struck the lighting of the wedding after taking a final drink with the Groom with my dad and an inebriated friend 
  • went home, ate leftovers, Hung out with 3 amazing friends (End Friday)
  • (Begin Saturday) Wake up, return Tuxes
  • Have a small party for the B&G and give the families a chance to lunch together
  • Nap
  • Nap
  • Nap
  • Nap
  • Go to a Hockey Game where the 30ish people in our party became one of the loudest sections in the OHL Arena
  • Yell phrases such as 'Rippin It' and 'Booooom' while the hockey game is going on
  • Hang out with Family more after the game
  • Go to bed after considating photos with Cathy (End Saturday)
  • (Begin Sunday) Wake up, pick up my Great Aunt, the B&G and head to airport where the Aunt flew to Atlanta, The B&G to Florida and myself back to NYC
  • Wrote this blog...
As you can see, this weekend was full of epic adventures. This list does not do justice to how happy and proud I am of my Sister, Erin and of her wedding to her Husband, Chris.

It was a weekend that really put into perspective how lucky I am to have the Family and Friends that I do. I am glad that there is really no delineation between my Family and Friends. They are all part of my Family and I am ecstatic to have had the opportunities I had this weekend to rekindle and recharge some of those relationships.

Pictures and more to come later on.

Thanks for reading

Bride Erin, MOH Cathy, Myself and Brother-in-Law Chris

Mother of the Bride and some good lighting in the Background

Cathy with her Two Brothers

My Date and I

Daddy Daughter Dance!

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