Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday is the New Monday

For future reference, I will be updating on Wednesdays now instead of Mondays. That will allow me to settle down into the new city and actually get to see some of it rather than just reminiscing about the load-out that just happened. Should be better that way...

So, we are in Montreal now and I wish that I knew more French. This is the second largest French speaking city in the world and the only five phrases that I know are; Hello, Good Evening, Very good, Thank you and shut your mouth. Not very useful when the entire city is in French. I mean everything, the street signs, the newspapers, the TV, the restaurant menus, everything. I feel that Montreal has at least two sides to it. There is the really neat, cultural side that you see during the day that I am looking forward to exploring this week. And then there is the seedy underworld filled with strip clubs and sex shops. Kind of a surprise when we first got into town. It varies on the block that you are on within the city. One street is full of fantastic architecture and old churches until you get to the next block, then it is full of strip clubs. I wonder if people go to church before or after...

The theatre is very nice and spacious which is a good treat to us after being in so many small theatres lately. It gives us the room we need to reorganize everything that has gotten packed incorrectly in the past couple weeks. The crew is nice, even though it is sometimes difficult to communicate with them because of the language barrier.

There haven't been to many adventures for me lately. I went rock climbig a couple times last week in Ottawa. We spent News Year Eve on the roof of the theatre overlooking Parliament. That was pretty neat and it was good to spend it with a lot of the people that are close to me and that I work with everyday. I went grocery shopping on Monday in a store that was all French and I couldn't read the signs so I just went up and down every aisle looking for what I needed. They sell milk in a bag here, which is neat. There is also Mayonaise served with everything. You name it and the Canadians will put mayonaise on it. I don't understand why, and I am not going to ask. If they like it on everything including french fries, then go ahead but don't bother giving it to me. I also went to Pita Pit yesterday thinking that would be an easy meal to order but guess what, It was also in French. It is sometimes hard to believe that I am still in North America. I have really enjoyed it and this experience has made me want to travel overseas. Maybe I will do it when I retire at the age of 28. Who knows, we will see what happens.

More Next Week, Thanks for reading.

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