Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Planes, Trains and automobiles

Today was the definition of a travel day. I woke up and headed out with Mike. We got to the corner. He turned right to go to school and I turned left to go to Kyoto.

There was really nothing to today except a train from Waegwan to Busan, an airplane from Busan to Osaka, a bus to the bullet train and then the bullet train to Kyoto. The train ride went through a lot of cityscapes. I was hoping for more countryside, but alas, not my luck.

Once I got into Osaka, it was an easy walk to the hostel. I am staying in a super nice hostel and if I ever come back to Japan and am looking to stay in a hostel, this will be the place. I hadn't really eaten since lunch, so I went out in search of food. I found a local place and ordered their chicken specialty. They were sold out of that. I asked the waitress what her favorite dish was, hoping for a good Japanese dish, and she brought me fish and chips. Oh well, can't win them all. I will have to wait until tomorrow to get some decent Jaoanese food. 

On the walk back, I passed the Kyoto tower. It was a beautiful night and it was neat to see how the tower was lit up. I wandered back to the hostel and went to the bar that is attached to it. There, I met a 25 year old guy from the western side of Japan who was in town for a job interview. He was really interesting. He was friendly and when he heard me speak English, all he wanted to do was practice his English with a native speaker. We spoke about the differences between the US and Japan for quite some time before a guy from India showed up and joined us. It was an great experience to be sitting at the bar with three people from different parts of the world speaking about how we grew up and what brought us to the hostel tonight. I was an experience I will not soon forget. 

Kyoto Tower at night...

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