Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heading South (6.29.14)

Today was our last day in Seoul.

It was kind of a lazy Sunday. After we were up and checked out of the hostel, we went to the Dongdaemun Market. This market has been around since 1905. It is situated over 10 city blocks and has around 30,000 vendors situated inside it. Since, we were there a little early on a Sunday morning, there wasn't much happening. Some of the vendors were closed. That did not take away from absolutely huge this place was. We spent some time walking through. This particular market specializes in fashion and garments. There were some pretty impressive knock-offs. The best one was a clothing line called 'The Noble Face' (instead of the North Face). I may come back here next Monday afternoon as I pass through Seoul again on my way to the airport.  I am still looking for that shirt that has the Chicago Bears logo on it with 'Baltimore Red Wings' written under it.

After finishing up in Dongdaemun, we headed over to Itaewon. This is a big expat community and felt very western. We had lunch at a Mexican place (this was Mike's last chance to have an enchilada before he heads state-side in August). After that, we grabbed a pitcher of the local beer and hung out before heading to the train station to catch a train down to his town, Waegwan.

It was an easy trip, We caught a bullet train out of Seoul and transferred to a slower train at Daejeon station. On the way, I got to see some of the beautiful Korean countryside and Mike attempted to teach me some of the Korean Alphabet. The only thing I remember is the symbol for the consonant 'M'...

Three hours later, we are in Waegwan and I have been relaxing while Mike finishes up his lesson plan for his classes. Tomorrow, I get to go see his school and meet his students. I am pretty stoked about that. It will be great to see what he has been working on for the past four years.

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