Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Back!

So after a longer than anticipated hiatus, I am back writing. The absence was due to some changes I was trying to implement into how the blog shows up out there on the www. I am going to start off with a ground breaking discovery. I guess time travel was recently discovered because someone went into the future and actually found the future version of me and asked him (me?) to show his (my?) greatest achievement in life.

The Video after the jump...


Other than this scientific discovery that I am a totally rad dancer in the future (I predict I will learn these moves in the next 20 years as I do not currently have these skills. That gives me time to refine them into this masterpiece), things have been going pretty well for me in the city. I have been able to be working in the business pretty consistently. I had one day off for the month of January. Things are slowing down during the day and I am running a show at night. So, I am slowly getting used to not having a job during the day and only running shows. Hopefully I will be able to get on a few more things to work on during the day, Or I could get a hobby... Knowing me, I will just look for work.

Don't worry! I will be writing more (especially now that I have the settings the way I want them and I am not doing anything during the mornings except drinking coffee and reading)

Thanks for reading!

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