Saturday, August 7, 2010

Life off of the Greek Island of Mamma Mia

A ton has happened since the last post (this is due to the fact that I was lazy and did not update, not because my life has been all that exciting...)

I recently ended the National Tour of Mamma Mia. It was bittersweet. The people that I worked with were amazing. I could not have been luckier or asked for a better tour to be my first major show. I learned a ton about myself, my career and just about living. The tour was an awesome eye-opening experience for myself. I have traveled to many parts of the country that were on my list of places to go, I traveled to some parts I did not even know existed and met some potential life long friends along the way.

Since leaving the tour, I went and spent a few days in Huron, OH. There, I hung out with the Huron Playhouse crowd and met a ton of Talented people. I caught up with old friends, met some new ones and even made some acquaintances into friends (the nice thing about not having any responsibility at the Playhouse is that you can just hang out and talk with everyone without having to worry about the politics of the Playhouse). I also got to see Erin work her magic while stage managing the BMX show at Cedar Point. She has already learned the skill of controlling the weather to cancel shows on a hot day. After spending a unplanned bonus night in Huron due to a huge storm and some great people, I headed back to Detroit to continue packing for the eventually move to New York City.

I traveled to Chicago last week to hang out with the Chicago Moellers. It was awesome to see everyone there. I got to go on a boat ride and tubing with the family. We went to the Zoo. Brooke showed me the Kangaroos and Zebras. Eric Taught me how to play a Lego board game and Uncle Scott taught me that U-Turns are illegal in Lake Geneva, WI...
Last Sunday, Uncle Scott and I participated in our first 'Muddy Buddy' race. It was a six mile race where we traded back and forth between running and Bicycling through the muddy course. Uncle Scott definatly had the tougher course than I did. We did well. We beat our goal time in the end and we did it looking sexy. It was a Fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and you were supposed to be in some kind of costume. Waiting to the last minute, like we often do, we wore purple camisoles to the race. We were getting compliments left and right about our outfits, even through the race! The funny story is that prior to this event, I didn't even know what Camisoles were. I had seen them before, I just never knew what they were called. So, My aunt took me shopping to find a matching set that would fit my Uncle and I for the race. Yea, you read that right, my aunt took me shopping for matching camisoles for my uncle and I to wear in public...

We finished the race, drank some beers, relaxed with other racers and then headed back to his house so I could shower and head to the Airport to come here to New York. It was an exhausting day. I will write more about my first week in NYC tomorrow.

Thanks for reading...

Enjoy a picture of my shoes after the race...
These were brand new white shoes 2 hours before this photo was taken

Post Race Beer Tent!

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  1. What no picture of you and Uncle Scott in your camis!